Details of the PORTSCOUT Variable

You can fine-tune Portscout's behaviour on a port-by-port basis using the PORTSCOUT variable.


Available Keys

site Tell Portscout to look at one specific page or site for downloads, rather than looking through MASTER_SITES.

Example: site:

Apache index pages or FTP directories are ideal for this.
limit Tell Portscout to reject any new versions unless they match this Perl regular expression.

Example: limit:.*[acd]$$

(new versions must end in a, c, or d.) - note the $$ in place of $.
skipb Skip versions that look like beta or RC. This is on (1) by default. Set to 0 to disable. If the port's version already looks like a beta release, Portscout will accept betas irrespective of the state of this variable.

Example: skipb:0
skipv Comma-separated list of versions to ignore.

Example: skipv:1.1,1.9
limitw Limit one part of the version number to either even or odd numbers. This variable is in the form "number,[even|odd]" The (number+1)th version component will be limited.


limitw:1,even Accepted versions:
Rejected versions:
limitw:0,odd Accepted versions:
1.1, 3.2
Rejected versions:
2.0, 6
ignore Set to 1 to tell Portscout not to do any version checking at all. Useful if, say, a particular port is not going to be updated ever again, yet Portscout still finds files that look like updates.

Live Examples

See here for examples of the various settings in effect.